Phoebe Welsh

IG:  @_phoebewelsh

Creative talent: I am a Brisbane based dancer. From the age of 3, I started with foundation dance styles like ballet, jazz and tap but at the age of 13 was told I could never be a ballerina because of my build/physique. It was from here that I developed a newfound love for hip hop dance and since then I have never looked back. I’ve continued to expand my knowledge, learning new styles and sharing my story and passion with other dancers.

What do you love most about it?

Dance is a way that I can pour out all of my feelings for the audience. I love letting them see and understand the story I’m trying to tell.


How would you describe your fashion style? 

Definitely urban/chic but I do like to change it up a little. If I feel like rocking track pants and a sweater, I do.

Career Highlight: Travelling to Los Angeles with my dance crew in 2017 was an eye opener. It made me realise how much I value working as a team and how passionate I am about seeing others succeed. The whole vibe at WOD 2017 was one that I’ll never forget. 

Is there a particular place or person that inspires you in life? 

Not a particular person or place but something that really inspires me is seeing the energy and positivity that flows through my dance studio, especially at Homebase. Everyone wants to see themselves and every other person in that room grow and succeed. The support and love I feel, each and every time is amazing. I’m grateful to call them my family. 

Best piece of advice received:

“You can’t lie to yourself” from Hillary Stowers.

The moment I heard this; it really made me understand the meaning behind ‘staying true to yourself’.  Whether I’m in a good place or going through a rough patch, this quote helps me remember that I need to be real and not worry about what others think. If I’m worrying about others' opinions, I have no time to worry about giving myself self-love. It is an absolute must when it comes to being happy with life.
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