Name: Leone and Ben Southon

What made you both want to start KCUB'D? The idea came about in 2018 while we were in America. Socks had become a fashion statement for our daughter Kaea’s dress style especially in dance. We found that we were spending a small but important fortune on them as it was a way for Kaea to speak her truth and share a part of herself through a simple fashion piece. In our household socks are cool, everyone has their favourite pair and it's something that we all share a love for. For us it made sense to follow this through and start our own sock brand. 

What are you most excited about for the brand? Being able to create something unique and fashionable for others so they too can express themselves through socks.

Who is the most fashionable out of the two of you? Ben is a very conservative Urban inspired dresser, but I like to push the boundaries. We both own our fashion style as it compliments our individual personalities. It's a good balance. 

Tell us why you love working with creatives? We find working with creatives allows us to learn more about people's passion points and what motivates them to succeed. Creatives also leverage fashion for their own self-expression on the stage which is really inspiring. 

What else is on the cards for KCUB'D this year? We would like to eventually branch out to other apparel but for now our focus on sock apparel.

What is your biggest learning from starting your brand? To be patient and never give up on what we are passionate about. We're parents and role models of four ambitious girls who have their own hopes and dreams. If they see us chasing our goals, 'walking the talk', we can only hope that they will feel motivated to do the same. 

Best podcast listen for 2019? Ice from YKTR/Ice Project & Gary V - The Airplane Project.

Best advice heard? "What you think about, you bring about".

What advice would you give to a new start up business? Careful planning, trust and ensure you have money in the bank to fund your dream.

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