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Fale (pronounced fah-leh) is Samoan for house and is characterised by an oval or circular shape, with wooden posts holding up a domed roof. Fales have no walls and a skeleton frame base.

The fale is lashed and tied together with an ʻafa, a plaited rope handmade from dried coconut fibre. The ʻafa is woven tight in complex patterns around the wooden frame, and binds the entire construction together, much like Samoan tight-knit families.

The interiors of fales can be pretty intricate with central pillars and curved rafters and the floors are usually sectioned especially in cultural community buildings. 

A fale’s use and function are linked closely to the Samoan system of social organisation, the Fa'amatai chiefly system.


Fale sock comprises 60% Cotton, 37% Nylon, and 3% Spandex, ensuring the feel, and stretch is nice and comfy on your feet. Incorporating 3D-engineered fabric to ensure the design is not compromised.

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