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Tala faasolo | Samoa

Tala faasolo | Samoa

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Tala faasolo. Many of Samoa’s stories are told through music, dance, and tattooing and are the dominant art forms in Samoa.

Visiting the tufuga (tattoo artist) is considered a rite of passage for young males.

Sāsā is a sitting dance often performed mainly through arm movements and the ula where two groups alternate between singing and dancing.

The siva is a graceful, fluid, storytelling dance that is traditionally performed by a young woman while the fast and energetic fa’ataupati is performed by men wearing traditional lava lava and women wearing puletasi. The siva afi is a particularly spectacular fire knife dance where young boys or men twirl a large knife with burning flames around their bodies to the beat of a wooden drum.

What to Expect:

Every pair of the tala faasolo sock is made up of 60% Cotton, 37% Nylon, and 3% Spandex, ensuring the feel, and stretch are nice and comfy on your feet. Incorporating 3D-engineered fabric to ensure the design is not compromised.

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