We are a unique ecommerce brand that is deeply rooted in Polynesian culture, art, and design. Our products are inspired by the rich and diverse traditions of Polynesia, and we strive to honor and celebrate this heritage through every aspect of our business. Our collections include clothing, everyday essential products, and accessories, all of which feature beautiful and authentic designs that tell stories of Polynesian history, mythology, and identity. We believe that storytelling is an essential part of our brand, and we work closely with artists and designers to create products that not only look beautiful, but also carry meaningful cultural significance. At our core, we are a brand that is committed to preserving and sharing the beauty of Polynesian culture, and we hope to inspire others to learn more about this incredible part of the world through our products.

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Meaning behind our name


Our brand name is KCUB'D - 3 K's Cubed. Which stands for Kaeas, Kulture, Klothing. Although our brand has evolved beyond childrens apparel, our brand name holds roots to its orgins and inspiration.

Meet the Founder

KCUB'D was launched in 2018 by Leo Southon. With the Support of her husband Ben and 4 Daughters, the inception of the KCUB'D was born. Leo having Polynesian roots, originally from New Zealand, now living in Brisbane, Australia, Leo is passionate about culture, personal growth and being role models to her children. The goal is to inspire the Polynesian community to follow their dreams while staying firmly connected to who they are.


We will give emerging creatives a platform, a voice and an audience to share their creativity, passion and self-expression with the world.


Our vision is to become a global connection to all Polynesians who have set foot off the Pacific. KCUBD'D will be well-known for its culture and art infused fashion essentials.